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The Most Likely Causes as to Why Your Tires Wore Out So Quickly

The Most Likely Causes as to Why Your Tires Wore Out So Quickly

If your brand new (or even only moderately used) tires are wearing out at an unusually rapid rate, something has likely changed with your vehicle (and not for the better). If you’re wondering specifically “Why did my tires wear down so quickly?” there are some common suspects that you should check or get professionally inspected.

Below, we break down some of the main causes of fast tire wear and what you can do to fix it.

Why Did My Tires Wear so Quickly? It Could Be Your Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is easily the most common cause of tire wear issues. Unless it’s immediately noticeable when driving, wheel alignment is likely to go unseen until you take a look at your tires after a while and the deep wear is immediately apparent.

Wheel alignment is best left to mechanics who have the tools and equipment necessary to properly align your wheels. The good news is that you typically only need to do it around the time you do an oil change, or at the max, around every 2-3 years.

Your Suspension System Might Be to Blame

Although fixing the suspension of your car might not seem terribly important, it can cost you a bundle not that far down the road when you’re buying new or used tires every 2 years or less.

That’s right, if you’re feeling every bump in the road, your tires are feeling it even more. Get your suspension fixed so that your tires aren’t bearing the brunt of every single pothole you never quite miss.

Worn down tires from bad driving habits

Has the Vehicle in Question Changed Drivers?

If you’re a parent or even a friend to someone who uses your car, your driving habits might be fine, but theirs might not be. Extreme braking, taking corners too hard, and pushing the pedal to the floor after every stop sign or green traffic light will all wear out your vehicle’s tires significantly quicker and send you back to the tire shop faster than you can say, “fast and furious.”

Make sure those that drive your vehicle understand this or are willing to chip in for a new set of tires if their habits can’t be changed.

Your Tires Might Need to Be Rotated

Yes, your tires do technically rotate while driving down the road, but this is a different kind of rotation. When your tires are rotated they are moved to a different wheel position on your car (from left driver side to left passenger side for example).

This is important because it ensures that all your tires wear down evenly at the same pace, making your tires last that much longer. If you haven’t ever done this, your tires will wear down faster than usual.

If you’re ever unsure of the cause of your tires wearing down so fast, it’s best to get it checked by a mechanic as they can best find the root cause(s) and fix the problem.



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