Commonly Asked Questions

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Top grade tire recycling was started in 1993 as a scrap tire pick up service and for wholesale used sales. We also sold tires in bulk to the U.S. to be re-treaded. In 2008, we opened a limited retail location. We expanded in 2012 to a retail used tire sales shop along with offering additional services like tire collection and recycling. 

You can bring them to us! We can either resell them if they are in good condition or recycle them so that they can get reused in other applications without damaging the environment. You can drop off your scrap tires to us for free or we can pick them up for you with our free pick up service. 

If you want to sell used tires to us, we buy in bulk off of businesses and tire shops, and will also buy tires from the public if they are in good condition. 


Absolutely! In fact, it’s better if they are. It’s estimated that in Canada and the United States, over 350 million tires are discarded each year. Waste tires consist of approximately 70-80% on average of rubber. The rest is a combination of reinforcing materials (steel wires and plastic fibrous cords). 


Recycled tire material can actually be used in a variety of applications. For instance, instead of gravel, rubber tire chips can be used in replace of that for better drainage in road construction and under light rail tracks to reduce noise from the vibration. Other uses include using crumb rubber for playground flooring and vehicle mud guards, landfill liner to reduce temperature between layers, garden mulch, and wastewater treatment filters. 


Yes. However, before you do you should make sure to inspect the tire thoroughly through this checklist: 

  • Check the surface of the tire for outer damage 
  • Inspect the tread depth (the deeper the better) 
  • Any exposed cords 
  • Signs of delaminating from steel belts 
  • Check for beads damage  
  • Look for signs of linear damage 
  • Inspect the tires for any punctures  

We make sure to go through a thorough checklist ourselves (including the checklist above) before we approve any tires for sale. Our process involves checking for signs of clear damage, then proceed into a full visual inspection of the tire, inside and out, to look for any defects like patches, nails, etc. (and the checklist above). If a tire passes the visual inspection we pressure test it to make sure it holds air with our unique TI95 tire inspection machine. 


Definitely. Tires aren’t a part of your car that can’t be used by anyone else after they’re purchased. Because of their relatively long lifespan, used tires can still be used by someone else as long as they are still in good condition.  

We get used tires from a variety of sources including car dealerships and tire shops with name brands in often only lightly-used condition. 


No! You can’t throw tires in a dumpster as they can damage landfill structures and equipment.  

You can, however, recycle them so that the material can be used for a variety of sources. Bring them to us and we can ensure they are recycled properly and the rubber is put to good use!