When Is the Right Time to Change Over to Winter Tires in Kelowna?

Even during winters where snow and ice aren’t as common, all-weather or summer tires are actually still dangerous to drive on. This is because of the type of rubber used in the making of those tires doesn’t offer nearly as much grip when the temperature drops and they turn hard. What’s too cold for summer […]

What Is a Timing Belt and Why Is It So Important to Replace It?

If you’ve ever had to ask someone out you’re attracted to, performed the Macarena, or baked chocolate chip cookies you know that timing is everything. That also extends to your car as well—particularly your engine. Just like how you need to stay with the rhythm of a dance a car’s engine needs to stay in […]

The Most Likely Causes as to Why Your Tires Wore Out So Quickly

If your brand new (or even only moderately used) tires are wearing out at an unusually rapid rate, something has likely changed with your vehicle (and not for the better). If you’re wondering specifically “Why did my tires wear down so quickly?” there are some common suspects that you should check or get professionally inspected. […]

Spring Car Maintenance Tips for The Best Summer Drives

You might not be able to rock your favourite pair of short shorts just yet, but what you should think about is getting your car ready for the spring/summer season. You may already be looking up spring car maintenance tips and if so, you’re in the right place. Below are just a few tips and […]

The 2022 Kelowna Car and Bike Show

Whether you like classic cars, modern vehicles, or spectacular motorbikes, this year’s Kelowna Car and Bike Show is sure to be an event you’ll enjoy! One of the major sponsors of the event, OK Tire Rutland, will also be there in-person to be a part of the return of this favourite local event. So, what […]

When Do I Need an Oil Change for My Car?

Cars, like people, need a lot of liquids to run smoothly, one of the most important ones for vehicles being oil. Unlike people, cars have to completely drain and replace their oil somewhat frequently (naturally, that wouldn’t be a great idea to do as a human with our bodily fluids). However, it’s not always clear […]

Common Auto Heating Problems You’ll Likely Experience

Isn’t the best part of everyone’s drive the moment you turn on your heater to warm up and instead you’re subjected to a wall of freezing cold air? No? If so, you’re definitely not alone, common auto heating problems can be immensely frustrating. Below, we’ve detailed a few of the most frequent causes of poor […]

How to Improve Your Car’s Fuel Economy in Winter

While winter in Canada often comes with many perks like skiing or snowboarding, those perks, unfortunately, don’t extend to improving your car’s performance. In fact, even just a drop to around -7℃ will reduce your car’s fuel economy by 12%. However, there are a few things you can do to mitigate this, improve your winter […]

A Handy Guide for The Right Time to Replace Car Parts

Although it would mean big savings in money and time if we didn’t have to, the reality is that we do need to replace our car parts over time. Nothing lasts forever, but it can last longer by knowing the right time to replace each component of your vehicle. This even means understanding how to […]

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