Why Spring is the Perfect Time for Buying Used Tires in Kelowna

Winter is almost done and that means spring weather and spring driving to prepare for. Not only is it a great time to do some cleaning of your vehicle (inside and out) it’s also a good idea to check the condition of both your winter tires and spring ones before you buy used tires in […]

Answers to Essential Questions About Winter Studded Tires and More

When it comes to driving, we all know the rules of the road but often details about our vehicles that get us to our destinations can be complete mysteries to us. This is especially true about tires, like winter studded tires. Even understanding about the makeup of tires like the ideal winter tires temperature range […]

What Pothole Damage Can Actually Do to Your Car

No road stays smooth asphalt forever, in fact, some roads can cause serious damage to your car if they’re not maintained properly. You’ve probably encountered this yourself more than a few times in the form of potholes. However, you might not be aware of just how much pothole damage can be done to your vehicle. Pothole […]

Tips You Should Know to Get Your Car Ready for the Winter

While winter brings with it many fun activities, it also brings more challenging driving conditions that are essential to prepare for to stay safe. These can be as simple as purchasing winter wiper blades, or buying used winter tires. Below, we break down some of the most important and practical tips for staying safe while […]

Do Summer Tires Wear Out Faster in Winter? (And Other Tire FAQs)

With continual snowfall and the holidays on the horizon for the season, you might be looking at your car and wondering what financial cuts you can make. One part you shouldn’t cut back on is getting winter tires. The difference between summer and winter tires is not insignificant. Below we break down the answers to […]

Why You Should Never Skip Rotating Your Tires and Other Regular Maintenance

Cars are complex machines, especially nowadays with the amount of onboard tech, but it’s incredibly important to stay on top of regular maintenance. When you’re travelling at high speeds you want to be able to depend on your vehicle to keep you safe, and not worry about what might go wrong. That’s why you should […]

When Is the Right Time to Change Over to Winter Tires in Kelowna?

Even during winters where snow and ice aren’t as common, all-weather or summer tires are actually still dangerous to drive on. This is because of the type of rubber used in the making of those tires doesn’t offer nearly as much grip when the temperature drops and they turn hard. What’s too cold for summer […]

What Is a Timing Belt and Why Is It So Important to Replace It?

If you’ve ever had to ask someone out you’re attracted to, performed the Macarena, or baked chocolate chip cookies you know that timing is everything. That also extends to your car as well—particularly your engine. Just like how you need to stay with the rhythm of a dance a car’s engine needs to stay in […]

The Most Likely Causes as to Why Your Tires Wore Out So Quickly

If your brand new (or even only moderately used) tires are wearing out at an unusually rapid rate, something has likely changed with your vehicle (and not for the better). If you’re wondering specifically “Why did my tires wear down so quickly?” there are some common suspects that you should check or get professionally inspected. […]

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