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Tips You Should Know to Get Your Car Ready for the Winter

Tips You Should Know to Get Your Car Ready for the Winter

While winter brings with it many fun activities, it also brings more challenging driving conditions that are essential to prepare for to stay safe. These can be as simple as purchasing winter wiper blades, or buying used winter tires.

Below, we break down some of the most important and practical tips for staying safe while driving this winter.

Buying Used Winter Tires or New Winter Tires

One of the biggest impacts to your winter driving will be swapping over from all-weather or summer tires to winter tires. Not only will you improve your traction, braking distance, and overall grip on the road, but your car’s gas mileage will improve as well. That’s because when you buy winter tires, you’re getting ones that are specially made and designed to handle winter road conditions. The rubber they’re made from is specifically designed to handle cold temperatures, and the tire tread patterns are also made to improve traction significantly during snow, ice, and slushy conditions.

Regularly Washing Your Car

Winter comes with snow, but it also comes with sand, dirt, salt, and other road chemicals. These are not only bad for your car’s paintjob, but also the underside as well for causing rust.

There’s a good chance you probably aren’t able to wash your car at home since that would cause your hose to freeze, but going through a touchless car wash is an option. We recommend going every couple of months to clean off the majority of any dirt, grime, or chemicals lingering on your vehicle.

Woman in car driving on used winter tires

Getting Wiper Blades Rated for Winter Weather

Not all windshield wiper blades are rated for winter so it’s a good idea to buy ones that are. They are made with rubber that can handle the cold temperatures better and won’t “chatter” or “dance” across the windshield.

To complement your winter wiper blades also make sure to purchase windshield washer fluid that can handle cold temperatures and clean off any frost, ice, or snow from your windshield.

Have an Emergency Kit Ready

No matter what vehicle you’re driving it’s always worth the investment to have an emergency kit stored somewhere in your car. This can include supplies like:

  • Small snow shovel
  • Traffic cones
  • A blanket
  • Jumper cables
  • Bungie cords
  • Meal replacement bars
  • Several shammies or cloths
  • Paper towel

Check Your Battery

Finally, it’s a good idea to occasionally check on your car’s battery. This is a particularly good idea before long trips so you don’t get stranded on the highway waiting for someone to give you a jump. Battery testers are relatively inexpensive and worth a buy so you can check your battery at any time without having to go to a mechanic.

By following the above tips, you can get your car prepared for winter so all trips are made as safe as possible.



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