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How to Effectively Store Tires Mounted on Rims and Other Tire Storage Tips 

How to Effectively Store Tires Mounted on Rims and Other Tire Storage Tips 

Want your tires to last even longer? It can come down to something as simple as putting them away effectively for the winter. But how do you store tires mounted on rims? Should you bag your tires? What about storing tires vertically or horizontally? We answer all those pressing questions below.

How to Store Tires Mounted on Rims

Although it’s tempting to conserve space by stacking your mounted tires like a mountain of rubber pancakes, stop. Tires mounted on rims are best stored vertically so that they don’t get deformities.

If that’s not possible to put them away vertically then make sure to rotate the tire’s position once a month to ensure they keep their shape.

To reduce space, you can hang them from tire hooks so that they don’t sit on the floor in your garage.

How to Store Unmounted Tires

Unmounted tires can either be stacked on top of each other or stored vertically. However, they shouldn’t be stored on tire hooks as this can cause the tires to sag.

Like mounted tires, it’s also a good idea to rotate your tires once a month and to keep your tires from sitting on the ground.

Should You Store Tires Inflated or Deflated?

Generally, it’s okay to store your tires when they’re still inflated. You never need to deflate them fully for long-term storage.

To prep your tires for storage make sure to clean and dry them thoroughly before putting them away. Avoid using any cleaning products with petroleum in them as they can be corrosive to your tires.

Bagging a tire for storage

Should You Bag Your Tires?

Bagging your tires is not only a good idea, it’s often recommended, especially if you’re storing them outside. To ensure they stay in the best possible condition, vacuum-seal them to prevent oils in the rubber from evaporating and seal up the bags as best you can to prevent air from getting inside.

Better to Keep Your Tires Indoors or Outdoors?

Keep your tires indoors if it’s at all possible. Your tires will only wear down faster being exposed to hot or cold weather from being outside. At the very minimum, you should always have your tires in a space that’s covered and out of the elements as much as possible.

Top Grade Tire stores all off-season tires (summer tires in the winter) safely in shipping c-cans out of the weather. They stay dry and avoid being overexposed to sunlight and moisture.

The best location to store your tires indoors is a space that’s cool, dry, and away from your furnace, central vacuum, or sump pump. We’d also recommend not storing tires in an attic as heat rises and can affect the quality of your tires over time. Your basement is a better choice if it’s possible to do so.

Additionally, you can prevent your tires from getting damaged from environmental humidity and moisture fluctuations as well by keeping them inside.

Following the above tips, you can ensure your tires last for even longer and you can stay safe on the road when you put your tires back on.


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