Why You Should Buy Used Tires Instead of New Tires?

Most importantly, used tires will save you $100’s compared to new tires.

This makes replacing your tires more affordable since you’re getting high quality tires that still have up to 90% of tread
life remaining for up to 55% off retail prices. Now that’s a discount you don’t want to miss out on!

Finding your tires couldn’t be easier. You can buy single tires, pairs and sets of tires for your car or truck. Come down
to our yard today to get your new tires installed by our friendly and professional staff.

When You Should Consider Buying a Used Tire?

If your vehicle lease is due soon. You’ll pay a penalty for tires that don’t have enough tread or that don’t match the
manufacturer’s requirements. Did you get a flat and are driving around on a spare tire? How about uneven wear due
to a bad alignment? These are all great reasons to buy used and save money on your car or truck.

How You Save the Environment by Buying Used Tires?

Recycling tires helps to reduce landfill waste and spread of infections from unused tires that act as a breeding ground for various insects like
mosquitoes. By using used tires, you can save the environment and your hard earned money at the same time.

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